CUBE prefab houses Minimalistic and compact prefab houses.

Less is more.

A minimalistic but laid-back luxury design of cubes inspires a sense of calm – not to mention it looks super sophisticated and sleek. All cubes have wood ribbed exterior finish of boards but with a different finish – you can choose either painted or glazed.

Use it however you wish.

The multifunctionality is the best part of CUBE. You can use it as an elegant house for everyday living, a holiday home for a weekend, an ultimate blissful at-home spa or sauna or as an office for serious business work. CUBE is tailored to meet your basic needs and crafted to match your specific requirements.

Place it wherever you want.

Place it in a forest for a much-needed therapy, by the sea or into your garden. Whatever you can dream, you can have. And if you have enough of this location, you can move it safely to a different location. Without any internal or external harm. You don’t even need a building permit to install houses.